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Our Listing


The University of Georgia
Athens GA 30602-9009

Phone: (706)542-3481
Fax: (706)542-0047
E-mail: garev@uga.edu
Website: www.uga.edu/garev

Contact: Stephen Corey, editor.

Our readers are educated, inquisitive people who read a lot of work in the areas we feature, so they expect only the best in our pages. All work submitted should show evidence that the writer is at least as well-educated and well-read as our readers. Essays should be authoritative but accessible to a range of readers.

Covers: Quarterly journal

Editor's Note: No simultaneous or electronic submissions.

Fiction: Journal: 7×10, 180-200 pages (average), 50 lb. woven old-style paper, 80 lb. cover stock, illustrations, photos. "Our readers are educated, inquisitive people who read a lot of work in the areas we feature, so they expect only the best in our pages. All work submitted should show evidence that the writer is at least as well educated and well read as our readers. Essays should be authoritative but accessible to a range of readers." Quarterly. Estab. 1947. Circ. 3,000.

Poetry: The Georgia Review, published quarterly, seeks "the very best work we can find, whether by Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize-winners or by little-known (or even previously unpublished) writers. All manuscripts receive serious, careful attention. We have featured first-ever publications by many new voices over the years, but encourage all potential contributors to become familiar with past offerings before submitting." Has published poetry by Rita Dove, Stephen Dunn, Margaret Gibson, Albert Goldbarth, and Lola Haskins. The Georgia Review is180-200 pages, 7x10, professionally printed, flat-spined, with glossy card cover. Publishes 60-70 poems/year, less than .5% of those received. Press run is 4,500. Subscription: $35/year. Single: $15.

Freelance Facts

  • Established: 1947
  • Simultaneous Submissions: No
  • Guidelines available online.
  • Buys first North American serial rights.
  • Circulation: 3,500
  • Byline given.
  • Pays on publication.
  • No kill fee.
  • Queries accepted by mail
  • Sample copy for $10
  • Responds in 2 weeks to queries. Responds in 2-3 months to mss.
  • Publish time after acceptance: Publishes ms an average of 6 months after acceptance.
  • 99% freelance written

Needs: essays

For the most part we are not interested in scholarly articles that are narrow in focus and/or overly burdened with footnotes. The ideal essay for The Georgia Review is a provocative, thesis-oriented work that can engage both the intelligent general reader and the specialist.

Buys mss/year: 12-20

Submission Method: Send complete ms.

Pays $40/published page.

Send photos.

Reviews 5x7 prints or larger.

Offers no additional payment for photos accepted with ms.

Buys one time rights.

Does not want:
We seek original, excellent writing not bound by type. Ordinarily we do not publish novel excerpts or works translated into English, and we strongly discourage authors from submitting these.

Buys 12-20 mss/year.

Send complete ms.


Pays $40/published page.

Needs: "Ordinarily we do not publish novel excerpts or works translated into English, and we strongly discourage authors from submitting these." Receives 300 unsolicited mss/month. Accepts 3-4 mss/issue, 12-15 mss/year. Does not read unsolicited mss May 5-August 15. Publishes ms 6 months after acceptance. Publishes some new writers/year. Recently published work by Lee K. Abbot, Kevin Brockmeier, Ann Pancake, Janisse Ray, George Singleton. Also publishes literary essays, reviews, poetry. Occasionally comments on rejected mss.

How to Contact: Send complete ms. Responds in 2 weeks to queries, 2-4 months to mss. No simultaneous submissions or electronic submissions. Sample copy for $10. Writer's guidelines online.

Payment/Terms: Pays $50/published page. Pays on publication for first North American serial rights. Sends galleys to author.

We seek original, excellent poetry. Submit 3-5 poems at a time. We do not accept submissions via fax or e-mail. If a submission is known to be included in a book already accepted by a publisher, please notify us of this fact (and of the anticipated date of book publication) in a cover letter. Reads year-round, but submissions postmarked May 15-August 15 will be returned unread. Guidelines available for SASE or on website. Responds in 2-3 months. Always sends prepublication galleys. Pays $4/line, one-year subscription, and 1 contributor's copy. Acquires first North American serial rights. Reviews books of poetry. "Our poetry reviews range from 500-word 'Book Briefs' on single volumes to 5,000-word essay reviews on multiple volumes."

Max Number of Poems: 5

Buys 60-75 poems/year

Pays $3/line.

"Unsolicited manuscripts will not be considered from May 15-August 15 (annually), all such submissions received during that period will be returned unread. Check website for submission guidelines."


Our Competitors

Poets & Writers


Website: http://www.uga.edu/garev  
Submissions guidelines URL: http://www.uga.edu/garev/guidelines.html  
Genres Published: Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction
Subgenre: Cross-genre
Reading Period: August 15 - May 15
Payment: Cash
Formats: Print
Representative Authors: Lee K. Abbott, Rita Dove, Stephen Dunn, Albert Goldbarth, Lola Haskins, Judith Kitchen, Barry Lopez, Ann Pancake, Pattiann Rogers, George Singleton, Paul Zimmer

Charges reading fees: No
Accepts unsolicited submissions: Yes
Accepts electronic submissions: No
Accepts simultaneous submissions: No

Editorial Focus
THE GEORGIA REVIEW seeks memorable and distinctive poems, short stories, and essays, whether from Pulitzer Prize winners or previously unpublished writers. Thesis-oriented interdisciplinary essays are especially welcome. Occasional special features on topics or individual writers.

Tips From the Editor
Please: 1. Abide by our published guidelines. 2. Wait for our answer on one submission before making another. 3. Give us at least six months lead time with submissions already under book contract. 4. Send us freestanding works, not portions of longer manuscripts. 5. Be patient, since careful consideration of good writing cannot be given instantaneously. 6. Read our journal and others.



"We seek the very best work whether by Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners or by little-known (or even previously unpublished) writers."

Submission Openings and Closings
Fiction: Open to fee-free fiction submissions. Open to fee-free fiction submissions from Tuesday, August 16, 2011 through Monday, May 14, 2012 (117 days from now).

Poetry: Open to fee-free poetry submissions. Open to fee-free poetry submissions from Tuesday, August 16, 2011 through Monday, May 14, 2012 (117 days from now). Go To: Website Report: Submission/Response Correction/Update New Cover Art Request: Interview (editors only) Support this Publisher: Purchase Issue(s) Location: USA RSS Feed Tweet This!

Genres, Styles & Themes
STYLES: Literary, Mainstream.
POETRY FORMS: Open to all/most Forms, including: Long poetry, Short poetry.
THEMES: Open to all/most Themes.

Poem (no specific line limits known; check with publisher) Flash Fiction (up to 1000 words)
Short Story (approximately 1000 - 7500 words; check with publisher)

Print Publication (Published 4 x per year)

Short fiction Professional payment (5 or more US cents per word).
Poetry to Pay ranges from Semi-pro payment (US$5-49 per poem) to Professional payment (US$50 or more per poem). We do not list pay specifics. Check with the publisher for details.

Submission Types
Fiction and Poetry
Electronic Subs: No
Postal Subs: OK
Reprints: No
Multiple Pieces: No
Simultaneous Subs: No

Always check guidelines for details and restrictions. If you aren't familiar with these terms, see our glossary.

Response Times
Note: The statistics in this section are compiled from response reports sent to us through our submissions tracker for registered users. They are not provided by the publication's editors/staff or by Duotrope's admins.

Accuracy We have received 184 reports within the past 12 months, not including pending responses (see below). The more responses reported, the more accurate the info. Rejections are often underreported, which skews the statistics in favor of acceptances. Most markets have a lower acceptance rate than indicated here.

Days Reported 13 min | 68.4 mean avg | 64.5 median | 210 max days (42.1 std dev)

Responses (95.65 %)
Acceptances: 0.54 % (83 avg. days per acceptance)
Rejections: 95.11 % (70.5 avg. days per rejection) | 10.86 % personal, 72.57 % form, 16.57 % unspecified
Requests: -

Non-Responses (4.35 %)
Lost / Returned: -
Never Responded: -
Author Withdrawals: 4.35 % (19.8 avg. days per withdrawal by author)

Other Information
Pending Responses: 21 responses are pending (5 min | 70 mean avg | 43 median | 378 max days waiting | 83.3 std dev) This only includes pending reports of users who have been active on this site within the past 30 days.

Do not query before 150 days have passed. (1.09 % of the responses reported to us for this market have taken longer than 150 days.) Most recent response reported was received on 14 Jan 2012. Responses have been received for submissions sent as recently as 30 Nov 2011. [View report of recent responses from this market]

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[Poetry] AGNI; Poetry Magazine; Indiana Review; Hayden's Ferry Review; The Gettysburg Review; Threepenny Review; Colorado Review; FIELD; Shenandoah; West Branch; Antioch Review; Missouri Review

Users accepted here also had work accepted by...
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