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There’s a world of difference between writing a screenplay and a theatrical play, but both rely on great characters, story and dialogue. Of course, writing the script is one thing, actually selling it is something completely different. lists more than 200 playwriting and screenwriting markets, in addition to script agents and contests looking for scripts. Listings include contact information, submission preferences, payment rates, and more.

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Always check a listing’s website before submitting. Submission guidelines, subjects covered, and even contact information can all change at a moment’s notice. So be ultra-professional and double check before making your submission.

If you want to sell your screenplay, has you covered. Use’s search tools to find more than 100 screenwriting markets, including production companies, script agents and contests looking for screenplays. Start searching today.

Develop a thick skin. Writing scripts can be very rewarding work, but it is also more collaborative than other genres of writing. As a result, scriptwriters need to be able to take criticism (both constructive and less so) and edits in stride. It’s all a team effort.

If you want to sell a theatrical script, has you covered. Use’s search tools to find more than 100 playwriting markets, including theaters and contests looking for theatrical plays, whether it’s a one-act play with a cast of five or something much more involved. Start searching today.

If you need to know more about scriptwriting, has you covered.
With Expert Advice articles, scriptwriter interviews and even niche pages specific to scriptwriting, is a treasure trove of easy-to-find and use information to help you find success as a scriptwriter. Get started today!

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