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You're in a great place. Many Literary Agents in Maryland are top notch and know just what you need to get your writing into print. However, finding the right agency for you can be challenging - especially if you're just combing through general agency listings. Writer's Market literary agency listings are different. Each listing is jam-packed with relevant information to help get you in touch with the perfect agent in Maryland or anywhere for that matter.

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For more than a decade, has been providing up-to-date listings for literary agents in Maryland, as well as tools to help writers like you accomplish your unique writing goals. Sign up for today to access to our Maryland Literary Agents:

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Anyone can look up generic free market listings - and spend lots of time tracking down the right agent. However, only saves your time by providing truly in-depth information on the publishing house including the name of who to contact, information on what they are looking to purchase, detailed freelance facts, and payment information.

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