Trying to publish your book for children?

Whether you’re writing picture books or young adult (YA) novels, you should know that writing for children is a crowded field. Success stories happen all the time, but you need to have an understanding of your audience and how the industry works. lists hundreds of publishers, agents and contests looking for great books for children. Listings include contact information, submission preferences, payment rates, and more.

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Always check a listing’s website before submitting. Submission guidelines, subjects covered, and even contact information can all change at a moment’s notice. So be ultra-professional and double check before making your submission.

If you want to publish a young adult novel, has you covered. Use’s search tools to find more than 100 book publishers and contests looking for young adult novels, whether you’re writing the next big series or a stand alone coming of age story. Start searching today.

You do NOT need to find an illustrator before approaching publishers with your picture book manuscript. Publishers and editors have their illustrator contacts and will use their expertise to match your manuscript with the right artistic style and vision.

If you want to publish a picture book, has you covered. Use’s search tools to find more than book publishers and contests looking for children’s picture books, whether you’re writing a story about talking ants or an actual historical event. Start searching today.


If you need to know more about publishing books for children, has you covered.
With Expert Advice articles, author interviews and even niche pages specific to children’s writing, is a treasure trove of easy-to-find and use information to help you find success as a young adult or picture book author. Get started today!

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