What is Paid Services?

Paid Services lists services offered to writers for which they may have to pay. Such services are often requested and sought by writers, and can help enhance a piece of work or move a career forward.

What types of services are listed?

Paid Services lists contests, conferences, professional services, self-publishing companies, organizations, education programs, and writing software.

What is the difference between Paid Services and WritersMarket.com?

WritersMarket.com is an online directory of publishing opportunities that includes more than 8,000 listings for places writers can publish their writing and get paid for their work. It requires a paid subscription for access. (If you’re not currently signed up, click here to learn more about how WritersMarket.com can help you get published and paid for your writing.)

Paid Services is separate from WritersMarket.com and is free to all. It lists companies that offer services or products of interest to writers. However, these are not publishing opportunities in the traditional sense of the word.

Does Paid Services sell advertisements?

Yes, Paid Services does place advertisements in addition to listings. However, the listings themselves are not paid advertisements.
If you would like to advertise on the paid services site contact Nancy Miller at nancy.miller@fwmedia.com.

Do companies pay to be listed?

Whether in Paid Services or WritersMarket.com proper, companies do not pay for the right to be listed. Our editorial staff uses their own discretion and best judgment in deciding which companies to list or not list. We make every effort to avoid listing disreputable companies by screening listings, searching for feedback on companies, and listening to feedback from writers.

How can companies get listed in Paid Services?

Companies can request a questionnaire to be listed by sending an e-mail to writersmarket@fwmedia.com with the subject line: Request questionnaire to be listed in Paid Services.