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918studio press is a selective subsidized publisher based in the Iowa Quad Cities, offering enhanced services like editing, marketing advice, printing, cover design, formatting, and distribution not offered by other self-publishing companies. Unlike other small presses who pass on their expenses to readers and authors with higher book prices and small royalties, we ask authors to help us with expenses up front, allowing us to keep book prices reasonable for readers and maximize royalties for our authors. Though we may expand in the future, our plan is to publish two books in 2016, one poetry and one prose, fiction or creative nonfiction with a strong geographic link, to continue in 918studio’s tradition. The selective nature of our business model ensures that readers get the best reading experience possible, thereby providing a much-needed endorsement for self-publishing authors. We are a one-stop shop for publishing, including those services like editing and cover design that most other self-publishing companies charge. We believe in the vision Robin Throne established with 918studio, including that good writing deserves to be read. Often, that good writing doesn’t have a clear place in traditional markets, we aim to create that place.

"Our submission period is February 1st through March 31st. We accept prose (creative nonfiction or fiction, novels or short-story collections) with strong geographic ties and short story collections."

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