Writers-Editors Network, CNW Publishing, Editing & Promotion Inc.
P.O. Box A
North Stratford NH 03590

Phone: (603)922-8338
E-mail: ffwa@writers-editors.com
Website: http://writerseditorsnetwork.com, www.writers-editors.com


Contact: Dana K. Cassell, executive director.


Purpose of organization: To provide a link between Florida writers and buyers of the written word, to help writers run more effective editorial businesses. Qualifications for membership: "None. We provide a variety of services and information, some for beginners and some for established pros." Membership cost: $90/year. Publishes a newsletter focusing on market news, business news, how-to tips for the serious writer. Annual Directory of Florida Markets included in FFWA newsletter section and electronic download. Publishes annual Guide to WEN/FFWA Writers, which is distributed to editors around the country.

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