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Contact: Karen Head, Editor.

JC Reilly, Managing Editor


"Atlanta Review is an international poetry journal devoted to bringing surprise, wonder and delight to readers around the world. Its unique blend of quality and human appeal have made it one of the world’s best-selling poetry journals. Here you’ll find Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners galore, but also poems that touch the deepest feelings of the writer and the reader. Atlanta Review is a haven for our common humanity, the things that unite us across the boundaries of nation, race, and religion. It is a voice we need more urgently than ever in today’s world."

Judged By: Judged by the Editor of Atlanta Review and/or guest judge.

Prize: $1,000 grand prize, 20 entrants will be published in the Contest Issue of Atlanta Review, and 30 Merit Awards, where poet's name will appear in Atlanta Review, with a certificate and a free contest issue.

Costs: $11 for one or two poems, $16 up to four poems, $21 up to seven poems, and $26 up to ten poems

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Needs: poetry

Previous Grand Prize winners and associates, friends, or students of the judge(s) are not eligible. Submissions can be sent via post or on Submittable. Do not send them through e-mail.