Beara, Co. Cork

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Contact: Sue Booth-Forbes, Director.


"High on a hillside between Coulagh Bay and Mishkish on the Kealincha River awaits Anam Cara, a tranquil spot set apart to nurture and to provide sanctuary for novice as well as experienced people working in the creative arts. Whether you retreat to work on your own project or as part of a workshop group, you will find support, creature comforts, and peace—all you need to do your best work. An all-inclusive residential retreat, Anam Cara offers private and common working rooms and five acres of walking paths, quiet nooks and crannies, gardens and meadows, a river island, and the Kealincha River cascades."

Editor's Note: "Hands down, the best part of being Anam Cara’s director is getting to know the writers- and artists-in-residence (now over a thousand) and their work. They have taught me and each other much about the creative process. Their genre/medium may be similar to someone else's, but their approach is always unique and inspirational. One intention for naming the retreat Anam Cara was to provide a space for people who, as they worked with their creative gifts, would recognize the 'soul friend' in themselves, in their work, and in others."

Requests for specific information about rates and availability for both individual and workshop retreats are made by contacting Sue at

Accommodations: Costs for all-inclusive individual and workshop retreats are available upon request. See website for details about the 5 working bedrooms at Anam Cara designated for individual retreats. Participants in workshop retreats stay either at Anam Cara or at nearby bed-and-breakfasts in ensuite rooms.

Poetry: general craft, mixed media art

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